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it's the eggs... they're not organic!

This is my favourite piece of unsolicited advice so far!

I was in the midst of a two week wait one day a few months back, and well, I totally had my period. I had a very strong urge to rebel against my infertility. But then, I'm encouraged to persist, sticking those stupid pessaries up my endings until the official pregnancy test because ... you never know... I decided that, given the rebellious mood, I needed a couple of gin and tonics this particular evening, but then got an attack of the guilts. What if I actually AM pregnant? I probably shouldn't drink. I have spent all this money, gone to all this effort. How stupid would it be to have a couple of drinks?

So here was my solution. I went down to the local shops and bought a pregnancy test. I'm pretty sure I was looking like hell, there were probably tears galore throughout that day, and I recall just wanting to get in and out of the shop unseen.  I had picked up a couple of groceries... including the pregnancy test, and went to the self-serve checkout because I couldn't even be bothered to face a real person at the check out....

And do you know what happened? Some random lady at the self serve area decided to comment on the fact that I was buying a pregnancy test. This seriously happened. She came up and said "OH love, are you hoping to get pregnant?" and I have no idea why I talked to this person I was so taken aback with the inappropriateness of her approach, I said "Um...  yes.... but I'm quite sure I'm not". and like I said, I don't even know why I was talking to this person, but somehow I ended up saying "yes, we've been trying very hard, for a very long time". The lady persisted. And honestly, she was nice enough... but I was so grateful when she finally walked off and I could return to my miserable lack of fertility... only she came back a few minutes later as an afterthought to provide some sage advice, "You know love, I had troubles falling pregnant too, and you know what did it for me? I switched to organic eggs. It's a bit dearer, but you should think about it".

Oh right. That should solve my problems. Thanks lady!

Oh and it brings this to mind---  If any of you have not seen the Catherine Tate show's "Egg race" skit,  follow the link and check it out.


  1. For a second I thought by organic eggs she meant donor eggs! But then I realised she literally meant eating organic eggs. Can you imagine if fixing infertility were that easy?! I wish...

  2. I grew up on our home-grown organic eggs. Too bad this isn't totally false. Unsolicited advice at its best!

  3. Lol. I also thought she meant donor eggs but it didn't quite make sense. If only it were so easy...


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