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going ahead and trying my best

So, my Doc is delaying his foot surgery till next week.
Since I had already done a week's worth of induced menopause injections with a new drug for this round called decapeptyl, I thought, ok, I'll stick it out.
In hindsight the menopausal induction may have contributed to the huge frazzled feelings I mentioned at my last post! I felt bloody awful.
Tomorrow I've got Egg pickup.
It's been a weird cycle. This doc has us on a serious drug cocktail and a half. I've been taking human growth hormone and menopausal urine injections... My partner's been instructed to "put the balls on ice" for half an hour per day (kid you not) and eat goji berries and drink aloe vera juice. So it's feeling a bit zany. Throwing a lot at it.  I've been doing 4 injections a day of various weird things these last weeks. A colleague who has done some ivf with this doctor warned me "don't be too freaked out by the singing" at egg pickup. That sounds like another zany thing to add to the mix!
Seems as though the cocktail continues in a new form after egg pickup. I usually have just had to do some kind of progesterone but this doc has me on a stack of different things.
I've got to say, I'm looking forward to the little "soma holiday" tomorrow. No more local anaesthetic silliness with my peeing problems that follow.
So... I'm going ahead. Ahead to where, I'm not sure. But I can say that I am trying my best.


  1. I can confirm (never having done a full down-reg with IVF, only short protocols) that menopausal emotions are horrible, and would lead to you feeling frazzled. (Personally, I love my HRT.)

    Good luck for today! I'm thinking of you.


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