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Okay so last night, trying to get that balance of Sunday evening --- relaxation for the end of weekend but accepting a week of work ahead...
I decided to:
1) eat cheese. Not just any cheese. Ridiculously good cheese.... ├ępoisses ... made by monks in burgundy. It's funky and it's a SOFT centred cheese.
2) drink wine. Not much. Certainly not "getting drunk" or anything near it. Just a small glass... ok maybe 2 small glasses. Mind you it was a DAMN good pinot noir from Tasmania. And it was SO SO good with the cheese and bread.
I feel like some people would not dare take the risk of those things, especially after how much effort and expense I've put in to all this getting pregnant process.
But you know what, I'm ok with it. I think it is just my insistence on staying "normal" during this extremely weird process and avoiding "Guilting myself out" --- (which--- I am guilty of...) But then I'm also wondering, am I actually just being a rebellious little minx? Or is it me kind of giving up? I don't know.
My doctor did say it was ok to drink during the process. I mean, seriously there's got a be a few decent French people out there who grew from "cheese-fed-and-small-amounts-of-wine-fed" embryonic forms. Right? (ok, Perhaps not of IVF/ICSI origin... ??? )

Anyway apart from getting that admission off my chest,  it's now the awkward week... I'm now officially "late" to get my period. But that could be due to the meds. Yes. That could definitely be due to the many, many meds...
And I feel crampy menstrual feelings, so that could be the period... but that could be implantation? could it? 
So there's a week of this waiting... until the pregnancy blood test. It's kind of awkward.


  1. The waiting is the hardest part. Hoping right alongside you.

  2. Good cheese and wine is curative for the soul. I hope it helps the waiting.


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