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How do they get the grainy bits so soft?

This old Australian ad for multigrain bread keeps coming to mind... a little kid is eating their multigrain bread and marvelling at how delicious it is... asking "how do they get the grainy bits so soft?"
Frame is then cut to another cute child who says "They hit them with a hammer I expect"
original child, unconvinced, says "Maybe an elephant sits on them?"

The joke in my family was to be rude and say "MAYBE AN ELEPHANT *SHITS* ON THEM".

Indeed, perhaps I have been proverbially shat upon... With genetics, with whatever it is that causes this fertility issue...

The description coming from the words of my IVF scientists is that my eggs are "soft, and grainy"

So there we have it. After my complicated regime of interesting drug cocktails, and a longer protocol aimed at pulling out the best quality eggs available... seems that... the egg quality didn't get far.

We pulled out 10 eggs. 6 were mature. 2 fertilised. Day 5 there was only one that had grown enough to transfer.

So all's not lost, there was one blastocyst at day 5 so we popped that little one in yesterday. I'll try staying hopeful instead indulging my soft sorrow and grainy grief. AND... I'll keep you posted!!!


  1. I'm glad you got a blastocyst. Congratulations, and fingers crossed for you!

  2. There have been times when hope has been too painful for me, but I've felt bad about not being hopeful. Because of that experience, please let me say that if it will help, I will be hopeful for you. I am cheering for you and for your blast. I have faith - and a huge appreciation for your family's sense of humor! :)

    1. OMG I am weirdly so happy to hear you say that about feeling bad about not being hopeful - it is exactly how I feel at the moment. Each time someone says enthusiastically "good luck", "fingers crossed",... even when my partner and I are in the IVF waiting rooms that palpably SEETHE with the hope of newbies to this process... I now get this stubborn, heavy lump of "not-hoping" lead in my stomach. So... thank you for your understanding and for taking on some hope on my behalf!

  3. Holding hope for you ... this is such a nutty process, all of it. And ya, thanks docs for the reference to soft and grainy eggs... like what does that even mean????


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